Eastern Shore Overhead Door

Keep your family safe

Never let children play near the garage door or with the remote controls. Have the push button far away from children's reach. Our experts can conduct the exclusive garage door and operator 20-point safety inspection to make sure your system is up to par.

Don't risk the safety of your loved ones.


Garage door

Our expert, professional technicians will help you keep your garage door functioning well. Wondering how we'll do it? Our 20-point safety inspection covers the following checks:

  • Door alignment

  • Torsion spring mounting pad and/or operator front mounting pad

  • Bearing plates

  • Track and mounting brackets

  • Track hand angle bolts and ceiling mounts

  • Operator hang angle bolts

  • On-door hardware and bottom brackets

  • Cable drums

  • Pulleys and lift cables

  • Safety restraining cables on extension springs

  • Spring tension and door balance

  • Complete perimeter weather seals and bottom astragal seal

  • Door security lock

  • Worn moving parts (springs, rollers, hinges, pulleys, bearings)

  • All moving door parts

  • Operator chain, screw or rail

  • Wall button function, location and remote signal

  • Emergency release function

  • Up and down sensitivity and limits

  • Automatic operator safety reverse feature and photoelectric cell sensors